DLT Registration

Solving the Unsolicited Communication Crisis

According to the new regulations of TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), all entities that want to send SMS will be required to register their organization, headers & templates along with the required consent information on the DLT platform provided by TRAI.

To make the process simple and quick, our experienced DLT Team will complete the registration process for you. For this you just need to provide us four documents given below.

Documents Required for DLT Registration :
  • 1) PAN Card of Organization (Society/Trust/Pvt Ltd/LLP/Proprietorship/Partnership etc.)
    Self attested (Text - For DLT purpose only)
  • 2) Proof of Business Entity & Address - Any 1 document is required from the given (Society/Trust Registration Certificate, Shop establishment Certificate, TAN Certificate, GST Certificate, Incorporation Certificate etc.)
    Self attested (Text - For DLT purpose only)
  • 3) Authorization Letter - Download
    (On Rs50 Stamp Paper Duly Notarised)
  • 4) Authorized Signatory Letter - Download
    (On organization letter head with sign and stamp)